There are different types of skiing that you might want to try. All of them are exciting in their own ways. If you have not tried skiing before, you need to know the differences between these options before you can start looking for a ski school. It’s best to research the type of course that best suits your abilities and requirements.

Alpine or downhill skiing

This is the most popular type of skiing. This is where you can get a chairlift going to the top of the mountain and then ski down.

Cross-country skiing

Instead of using a chairlift, this type of skiing allows skiers to move up the mountains without any help. With cross-country skiing the mountains are not as steep as those used in alpine skiing but it is more physically demanding. Aside from skiing itself, you need to have extra energy to walk up the mountains. You also need to use soft boots as they are not attached to the ski.

Freestyle skiing

This is a more difficult type of skiing as it involves turns and stunts. It is becoming a competitive sport as there are various disciplines involved like aerials where skiers jump in the air. It also has aero which is more of a choreographed routine, and big air which involves spinning and twisting in the air. This is something you can’t try right away if you are just starting.

Off-piste skiing

This is a more serious type of skiing requiring more advanced skills. It can be quite dangerous. It involves skiing off the groomed piste. The snow is also untouched. You can only give it a try once you have mastered the basics and you are ready.

Adaptive skiing

This is for people who have disabilities. They can participate but they use adaptive equipment. This allows them to still enjoy the slopes just like other people. Make sure that the school you are choosing has the necessary equipment to accommodate people with disabilities.

Now that you understand the different types of skiing to learn, you should now choose where to study. Make sure that you enrol in courses where you get quality instructors who will guide you from the start until you can manage to do it on your own.

You should also realise that as much as it looks great fun, it can be physically draining and it involves lots of hard work. Who knows? With the right help, you might become not just a good skier, you could also become an instructor. Take a look at the best Ski Instructor Courses so that you can also inspire others to ski.


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