There are both positive and negative impacts of using the supplements and same goes with common steroids for athletes. They have great medical applications since past many decades. The steroids have treated serious illness like cancer and AIDS. As you consume them, they will stimulate the appetite. This in turn, will help them to fight serious disorders. Since past many years, they have saved patients going into the anaphylactic shock. Not only this, it is good quality ingredient to increase the life of beloved pets.

Why are steroids banned?

The bitter fact about these supplements is many highly publicized athletes often abuse these drugs to enhance their performance. Due to this fact, the government of many countries has banned the steroid. They have asked the pharmaceutical stores not to sell the products if buyer does not have the prescription.

Steroids are nothing but natural hormones produced in the body. Some of the common steroids are corticosteroids, sex hormones including estrogen and testosterone, bile acids, bile salts, mineralocorticoids, cholesterol etc. if the body fails to produce sufficient levels of hormones, their synthetic lab versions will help to maintain balance. The two most common supplements include cortisone and prednisone. The FDA has approved 100 other commonly available steroids.

Here is the list

  • Prednisolone
  • Hydrocortisone
  • Triamcinolone

Corticosteroids have two main roles to play. Initially, they will reduce inflammation and swelling of the system. Besides this, they will slow down the overactive immune system of the body. You could swallow, inhale, or inject them directly in the body. Moreover, they are also available in eardrops, creams etc.

The methylprednisolone and cortisone are known to reduce inflammation. Arthritis is also known as the inflammation of joints. Corticosteroids are a doctor’s recommended supplement to treat painful affliction. There are few common steroids for asthma too. Such supplements are inhaled just like flovent, pulmicort, QVAR etc.

Dianabol is the best selling steroid to treat different types of allergies can cause general discomfort, inflammation of mucus membrane and other issues. There are many steroids developed to treat allergies and increase the quality of living. A healthy immune system can prevent you from getting sick and fight various diseases. However, if you fall sick, the supplements like corticosteroids will help to treat lupus, arthritis etc.

The patients can experience mild side effects like ulcers, glaucoma, high blood pressure etc. they will notice muscle weakness and the wound healing process becomes slower.

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